For several years, we had wanted to create our own competition motorcycle, with precise specifications. It was a daring bet given the current economic climate. But patience and passion proved us right.


The project began in March 2015. We made it a point of honor to imagine and create a totally innovative and French-made concept. The "made in France" allows maximum control of the production chain and therefore of its quality. Our primary ambition is to stand out and show that not everything has been invented in the field of technical performance or motorcycle design. In no case did we want to copy and paste with a known brand. Everything comes from our imagination and our knowledge in the field.


Objective achieved: our bike proved to be very competitive with unequaled performance.


Indeed, the TCB BIKE is highly appreciable for its traction of the rear wheel, thanks to its completely revised link system. There is a significant improvement in acceleration, with a reduced wheelbase and a shorter distance between the swingarm axle and the rear wheel. This process reveals a surprising level of traction.


We entrusted the design of the frame to a design office, in order to optimize all the important parameters: lightness, rigidity and efficiency. The result is an impressive finesse of the cockpit. You will be surprised by its extremely precise and sharp handling on Pitbike terrain. The caster angle guarantees stability in all conditions. The high-tech perimeter steel frame and suspension settings allow you to ride harder and faster.


The TCB BIKE will inevitably seduce you. It is characterized by its versatile piloting. It is given no limits: it accepts both a sustained pace and a moderate pace.


For the forks, we chose to work with the Italian factory Tech. They have been renowned for their performance for many years.


As far as the shock absorber is concerned, in collaboration with the DNM factory, we have thought about and developed for 6 months a concept specially adaptable to our prototype with very specific settings and in line with the operation of the rods. The angle of the damper has been optimized to allow optimal operation.


As for the plastic part, we trusted Polisport, a Portuguese company specializing in plastics since 1978.


We have focused our choice of engine on the Daytona brand, with the Anima 4s 150cc, 160cc or 190cc engines. But, we also market the TCB BIKE in part cycle, without engine, so that the pilots can take part in this extraordinary design. In their choice of engine, they will be able to bring their final touch and be a player in the project.


The exhaust lines are Italian, from the LM Exhaust brand. This company has invested a lot to release a competitive line especially for the TCB BIKE motorcycle.


We hope that this new motorcycle concept will appeal to as many of you as possible. You are skeptical, you have doubts about the TCB BIKE, come and discover it during a next race. We are committed to surprising you. We are convinced that to try it is to adopt it!


It should be kept in mind that BAGEOT DIFFUSION has existed since 1993, we also distribute a multitude of brands and accessories sometimes unknown to the general public. Through competition, we see it as an excellent way to communicate about these products to pit bike customers.